Meet Our Chickens

Rosie's Farm Sanctuary

Rosie's Farm Sanctuary will provide a forever home for animals who may have ended up on the dinner plate. It will also be a place where people could meet these incredible animals, hear their stories, and make a connection with them. We look forward to adding new additions to our farm family. Your support is appreciated!

Meet some of our current residents!

Rosies Barn

The Golden Girls

We have 8 beautiful hens who are Golden Comet Hens.

Hen Fun Facts:

#1 Hens have amazing memories and can recognize over 100 faces

#2 Hens dream when they sleep

#3 Hens have complex communication. They have over 30 vocal tones, each meaning something different and specific. 

#4 Mother hens speak to their unborn chicks and the unborn chicks respond from inside their egg shell.

#5 Hens love to play. They run, jump, take dirt baths, and play games with each other.

Golden Comet hen
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