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Rosie's Farm Sanctuary

In July 2022 we liberated two beautiful baby boy calves from 2 different dairies in Vermont. We are so in love with them. They are gentle and sweet beyond words.

Cows were initially revered in India because it was said there is nothing stronger than a mother cow’s love for her calf. Tragically, very few cows are ever able to stay with their young now because of animal agriculture.

baby calfs

Hi! I'm Mickey!

Mickey was born in late June 2022. He is a Holstein cow, which is one of the most popular breeds of cows used in dairy. Mickey came from a small dairy in Vermont, where his mother lived all her life as a dairy cow. She was 9 years old when she gave birth to him. Her milk is sold for human consumption, so Mickey isn’t able to stay with his mom or get her milk. We were so lucky to be able to bring Mickey to Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary when he was a little over a week old. He is going to be a gentle giant. We expect that he will eventually weigh 1500lbs! We are hoping to be able to rescue his mom and bring her to Rosie’s, when the dairy finishes selling her milk.

Cow Fun Facts:

#1 Like humans, cows are pregnant for nine months. They only produce milk when they are pregnant. Cows produce milk to feed their babies. Their milk is rich in fats and vitamins so that their 50-pound calf may grow into a 1000-lb cow. It is baby food.

#2 Cows get zoomies and run around, happily kicking up their back legs.

#3 Cows have incredible memories. Some liken them to elephant memories.

#4 Cows form close friendships with other animals in their herd, often making best friends.

# 5 Have you ever heard of an alpha cow? Much like humans and dogs, there is usually a “boss cow” in every group.

rescued calf Mickey

Helllllo! My Name is Moose!

Moose was born on July 1, 2022. Like Mickey, he came from a dairy in Vermont. Moose also didn’t get to stay with his mother as her milk is being sold for human consumption. Like Mickey, Moose would have been slaughtered if we hadn’t been lucky enough to rescue him. We adore this little fellow. He came to Rosies Farm Sanctuary with salmonella and an umbilical cord infection from being left on a dirty concrete floor as a newborn. He received the best medical treatment possible and will grow into a healthy, big boy.

Cow Fun Facts:

#6 Cows have a visual field of 330°, almost an all-around view. They can see lots of colors, but red is hard for them to see.

#5 The natural life expectancy of a cow is around twenty years. Some get up to 25 years old. In animal agriculture cows usually don’t live more than five years.

#6 Like dogs, cows have a strong sense of smell. They can smell up to 6 miles away.

#7 The term “cow” only refers to female bovines. Male bovines are called bulls or steers.

#8 Cows (or bovines) consume 100 lbs of food and drink 40 gallons of water each day. 

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