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Hi! I'm Sadie!

Sadie is a 2-year-old La Mancha Goat and is as sweet as can be. She is trying to break the Guinness Book of Records for most leaves eaten in a day.

Goat Fun Facts:

#1 Goats were first brought to the Americas in 1493 by Columbus.

#2 There are around 210 breeds of goats in the world.

#3 Goats have 4 stomaches

Sadie the goat
Ringo the Goat

Helllllo! I'm Ringo!

Ringo (Star) is the baby of the bunch. He is a 10-month-old Boer Goat with adorable floppy ears. His birthday is July 4 2021 and he definitely loves his independence. He is the only male in the herd.

Goat Fun Facts:

#4 Male goats are called buck or billy, and the female goat is called a nanny or doe.

#5 The baby goat is known as a kid. Giving birth is called kidding

Lana here!!

Lana is the leader of the goat herd. She is an 8-year-old La Mancha Goat who lived at a dairy her whole life. She is full of love…but watch out for any food or treats in your hands in your pockets. She loves snacks and will climb anything for a carrot or a fresh green leaf.

I had a big surprise when I arrived- I was pregnant! Meet my kids!

Goat Fun Facts:

#6 Female goats can have one to six goats per litter.

#7 Goats don’t like to get wet in the rain and will immediately run to seek shelter.

#8 Goats have a lifespan of 8-15 years

Lana the goat

Ms. Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor is a 7-year-old La Mancha Goat who is usually paling around with her daughter, Sadie. Eleanor used to live in a dairy and didn’t have much space to move around. She is enjoying her new life at Rosie’s because she can run freely and play in the green fields

Goat Fun Facts:

#9 Goats have rectangular pupils in their eyes

#10 Goats can run up to 10 miles per hour

#11 Goats can jump 4-12 ft high

#12 Legend has it that goats discovered “coffee”! It was believed that a goat in Ethiopia first ate the red berries of the coffee plant and started to act very energetically, getting the attention of a farmer.

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