Meet Our Miniature Horses

Rosie's Farm Sanctuary

Rosie's Farm Sanctuary will provide a forever home for animals who may have ended up on the dinner plate. It will also be a place where people could meet these incredible animals, hear their stories, and make a connection with them. We look forward to adding new additions to our farm family. Your support is appreciated!

Meet some of our current residents!

Rosies Barn

Meet Our Miniature Horse Family!

Mama the horse

Mama “The Matriarch”

We estimate that Mama is about 34-years old. We don’t know much about her past, but we do know that she absolutely loves treats and attention. She will happily let you brush her if you reward her with carrots or apples. Mama also loves her son Jeffery and is very protective of him (and his treats).

Miniature Horse Fun Facts:

#1 Even though they look like ponies, they are a different species. Miniature Horses are bred to look like smaller versions of regular sizes horses. Ponies are stockier, have shorter legs, thicker necks, and fluffier manes.

#2 Mini horses generally live to be around 30 years old. There was even a mini horse who lived until she was 50!

#3 Mini horses can run up to 20 miles per hour!

Hi! I'm Jeffrey!

We think that Jeffrey is about 28 years old. He is afraid of people, although he loves his Mama and is always close to her!

When we first met him in 2021, he was terrified of people and would quickly run away when approached. We have been working with a horse expert, Joy, to help teach Jeffrey that he can trust us.

Miniature Horse Fun Facts:

#4  Miniature horses can make great therapists. Mini horses can be used for animal-assisted therapy. Their smaller size makes it easier for people to be closer to them. They are often very gentle and patient, which makes them the perfect therapy animal.

#5 Mini horses can see yellow, blue, and green, but cannot distinguish the color red.

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