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Rosie's Farm Sanctuary

Rosie's Farm Sanctuary will provide a forever home for animals who may have ended up on the dinner plate. It will also be a place where people could meet these incredible animals, hear their stories, and make a connection with them. We look forward to adding new additions to our farm family. Your support is appreciated!

Meet some of our current residents!

Rosies Barn

Meet Our Sheep Family!

Hello! I'm Sophia

Sophia is estimated to be a 14-year-old sheep. She is a regal older woman. And while it is painful for her to walk because of her arthritis, she will not let that get in the way of protecting her daughter, Penny Lane. Sophia is almost entirely blind. She relies on her daughter to help her find her way.

Sheep Fun Facts:

#1 Sheep are considered to be very intelligent animals and can problem solve. They use different sounds to communicate and express emotions. Studies show that sheep can feel many emotions ranging from fear, anger, boredom, joy, and sadness.

#2 Sheep have rectangular pupils which allow them to see up to 320 degrees in their field of vision, without having to turn their head. This is because they are prey animals and need to be on the lookout for predators.

#3 Sheep have a great sense of smell. They also have scent glands in front of their eyes and between the digits of their hooves that produce smelly secretions used to communicate with one another!

Hello I'm Miss Penny Lane!

Penny Lane is a 9-year-old sheep. Like Mama, the horse, she loves her treats. While timing about people, she will walk towards you if she thinks there is a treat in your hand.

Sheep Fun Facts:

#4 Sheep can run up to 25 miles per hour!

#5  Sheep communicate by a sound called “bleating”. Our senior resident Sophia can barely see and she bleats when she wants to know where her daughter, Penny Lane, is at the sanctuary.

#6 Female sheep are called ewes and they can recognize the sound of their baby’s calls.

#7 Sheep are very social animals and have friendships. They even have best friends. They feel sad when a member of their flock dies. Sheep can recognize up to 50 other sheep faces, and remember them for two years.

#8 A baby sheep is called a lamb

Penny Lane the sheep

Hello! We are Maggie May, Machu & Picchu!

Maggie May is a 5-year-old sheep who came to Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary with her 2 newborn babies, Machu and Picchu after a farmer reached out to us to ask if we could take the lambs.

Maggie may have suffered complications in pregnancy and she wasn’t able to walk or nurse her babies. The farmer wasn’t able to bottle feed the newborn lambs and was kind enough to contact us.

We immediately picked up the mama and her babies and took them to New Bolton Center Animal Hospital for further evaluation and care. After 2 weeks of tests, pain medication, and physical therapy, Maggie miraculously regained her ability to walk. We were able to bring the sheep family back to Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary to introduce them to their new farm family and offer them a life of safety, love, and freedom. Maggie’s disability actually saved the lives of her babies. If she hadn’t been non-ambulatory, her lambs would have been raised for lamb meat and slaughtered between at 12-16 weeks old. We are so grateful to have Maggie, Machu, and Picchu at Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary. We can’t imagine life at Rosie’s without them.
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