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Meet Mama Lana,
Bruce & Bella!

We rescued Lana from a dairy in April 2022. We noticed that she was steadily gaining weight but had no idea she was pregnant. On August 8, she disappeared into the bushes by our pond and surprised us all by giving birth to Bruce and Bella.  These babies were born on the sanctuary and will know nothing but love.  These are the first babies that Lana will get to raise.

Lana used to live on a dairy farm before she was rescued and came to live with us at Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary. The dairy sold her milk for human consumption.

Although Lana will be able to raise and love her kids for the first time, she sadly can not nurse them and needs a mastectomy.  Our team at Rosie’s is bottle feeding the babies and making sure they are happy and healthy!

Thank you so much for visiting this page to help support this happy family! Anything helps! Find donation links below!

Thank you to
The Board Room!

We are so thrilled and appreciative of the generosity of The Board Room for shaking up an incredibly tasty vegan cocktail, the "Mama Lana Martini!" A portion of the funds will be donated to help cover the cost for Lana's surgery.

This delicious martini is perfectly pumpkin spiced for the season. We hope if you haven't already enjoyed one, you'll pay them a visit, and give Lana and her kids a little toast to good health!

Help us spread the word by posting your favorite toast photo on Instagram and be sure to tag The Board Room and Rosie's Farm Sanctuary! @boardroomdc & @rosiesfarmsanctuary!

Mama Lana Martini

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