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The multi-billion-dollar animal agriculture industry is powerful. We know it can feel impossible to make a dent in the vast suffering endured by billions of farmed animals each day. But together, we have the power to make a difference — for the animals who call Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary home and for others just like them.

We are stronger with your support! By making a donation today, you are helping our small but dedicated team at Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary rescue and rehabilitate animals saved from abuse and neglect. Your support makes a world of difference to the individuals who live at our sanctuary, while also helping us to create a kinder world for all animals.

Monthly donations help us plan ahead in our ongoing efforts to rescue, educate and advocate, knowing that we can count on your continuous support. Plus, setting up recurring donations means we will receive your support automatically each month, without you remembering to donate every time.

Your donation will strengthen our mission to save lives, inspire kindness and create a more compassionate world.

From all of us at Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary, thank you for your support! Your donation will go to the area of greatest need as we continue to save animals and provide them daily care.

Non-Profit Tax ID: 86-2869784

Donate Today

Make a one-time gift and be part of our lifesaving work.
$25 – 2 Bales of Hay for Mickey & Moose 🐮
$30 – one month of alfalfa for our lambs, Machu and Picchu 🐑 🐑
$50 – One month of goat pellets 🐐
$100 – 🍌🥬🍎🍉 A week of produce and snacks for piggies!
$250- teeth and hoof care for one of our mini horses 🐴 🐎

Donate Monthly

Your monthly support gives us the resources to ensure the continued well-being of Rosie’s animals. 

Donate In Honor or Memory - Coming Soon!
Honor a special someone (2-legged, 4-legged, winged) in your life with a gift in their name.

Stay In Touch to Find Out More!

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