How You Can Help: Plant Based Eating and Animal Advocacy

There are so many reasons to transition to veganism. Some choose plant-based diets because they want to help save animals, others do it to protect our planet or to avoid the health risks associated with consuming animal products.

What Do the Terms Mean?

You may have heard the words vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, and whole-food plant-based. What does it all mean?

A person who does not eat any food derived from animals and who typically does not use other animal products out of compassion for animals.

A person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral or health reasons.

A food or diet consisting largely or solely of vegetables, grains, pulses, or other foods derived from plants rather than animal products.

Whole-Food Plant-Based
A diet prioritizing plant foods and minimizing the consumption of processed ingredients and animal products is often pursued to improve one's health.

There is overlap among these diet choices, and all of the options can reduce animal suffering, slow climate change, and improve your health.

Whatever your reason is as you explore a vegan diet and how to become active in animal advocacy, these resources can help you get started today.


Track the impact of your choices by using the Vegan Calculator. See how you are making a difference.


Vegan Recipes

Vegan Beginner’s Guides

Raising Plan Based Kids

Documentaries & Movies


Books for Kids

Advocating for Animals

In addition to Rosie’s, there are a number of organizations advocating for animals. We encourage you to get involved with these lifesaving efforts.

Are you looking for more information on how to make a positive impact? Faunalytics is a great place to find research into effective animal advocacy.

VegFund may be able to help you go one step further. If you plan to host a vegan advocacy event, this organization may be able to provide a grant to help fund it.

As you take these steps for animals, your health, and our environment, please consider making a donation to Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary as we continue in our efforts to rescue, educate, and advocate. Thank you for creating a kinder future for animals!