What We Do


We rescue and rehabilitate farm animals, providing them with a forever home.  We give these farm animals the opportunity to live out their lives as individuals and share their stories of hardship and survival as a means to inspire people to be more compassionate towards others and themselves. 


At Rosies Farm Sanctuary, we aim to be the voice of the voiceless. We advocate for the animals who cannot advocate for themselves.
baby calfs


Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary will welcome visitors to spend time on the farm, self-selecting crops to buy and meeting the animals who have been rescued from slaughter in the animal agriculture industry. All visitors need to sign up for a tour in advance.

The farm animal residents at Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary are ambassadors of their species, representing the billions of farm animals currently trapped in the system of animal agriculture. We aim to educate people that these gentle and beautiful beings deserve to be treated with care and respect. We hope to foster compassion in the hearts of all people.

At Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary, we are against the concept of “speciesism” which is the assumption that humans are superior to all other life. With this human-supremacist worldview, animals suffer horribly. They are terribly exploited in the food industry, in laboratories, in the clothing industry, and in the entertainment industry. Animals are treated as objects rather than feeling and complex beings with the capacity to love, learn, feel joy and feel terror. Why do humans assume they are the only species to have friendships or have hopes and feelings?

There are countless children’s books about farm animals. When children are toddlers, they learn to “moo” like a cow or “quack” like a duck. But, the sad reality is that most people don’t have the opportunity to directly interact with farm animals and find out what amazing creatures they are. The vast majority of farm animals are raised for food in horrible conditions in farms and kept away from the public. Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary aims to show that farm animals deserve to be treated with respect and care. Humans and animals can enhance each other’s lives and co-exist. Animals can bring great joy and inspiration and be profoundly therapeutic to children and grown-ups alike.