What We Do

Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary rescues farmed animals, offering them a life of care and comfort. We welcome visitors to our sanctuary to inspire empathy for all animals and raise awareness about the many harms of animal agriculture.


For most animals who now call Rosie’s home, the day they were rescued by our team marked the first time they experienced kindness at the hands of humans — most likely, even the first time they felt the warmth of sunshine and walked free of cages or crates. Our rescued residents suffered neglect and abuse on dairy, egg, and meat farms and research laboratories.

Once victims of multi-billion-dollar industries that exploited them, these individuals are offered a chance to live their lives in peace at Rosie’s. We offer all that was once denied: a safe home, regular and healthy food, veterinary care, and the chance to engage in their natural behaviors and form social bonds with other animals.


At Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary, we:


We rescue and rehabilitate farmed animals, providing them with a forever home. Experiencing the relative freedom they have never known before, our residents get to live out the rest of their lives as the individuals they are meant to be in this world.

Rosie’s is home to cows and goats saved from dairy farms, two mini horses, and sheep who were being raised for their wool. We have welcomed hens and sheep saved from the 4-H program, which teaches children to raise farmed animals who are ultimately sent to slaughter, often leaving the young kids devastated. We have potbelly pigs, who were rescued from a horrific hoarding case and who needed love, nutrition, and veterinary care. Also calling Rosie’s home are two playful and curious young lambs who would have been slaughtered for Easter meat.

These individuals are just a few of the many animals who we currently care for, and we aim to launch a foster program in the near future, finding new homes for some of the animals rescued by Rosie’s in addition to those who stay with us for life.

Hens at Rosies Farm Sanctuary


“We can’t rescue our way out of this,” our Founder and President Michele Waldman often says. Rescue is powerful and needed — it saves lives and makes a world of difference to the fortunate animals whom we are able to free. Yet, along with this crucial work, we believe additional efforts are needed to bring about meaningful and systemic change for farmed animals. We know that the industries that profit from animals are powerful, but so too is compassion. Our team works to educate the public daily, inspiring visitors to our sanctuary and reaching thousands across social media with our message for animals.

Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary will welcome visitors to spend time on the farm, self-selecting seasonal crops to buy and meeting the animals as well as their caregivers.

In animal agriculture, animals — and their suffering — are kept hidden from the public. The residents at Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary are ambassadors of their species, representing the billions of farmed animals trapped within our increasingly industrialized food system. These gentle beings deserve to be treated with care and respect, as do we all. At Rosie’s, we hope to foster compassion in the hearts of all people.


We aim to be a compassionate voice for animals who often go unseen and unheard. Most of us would never wish an animal harm, but the consumption of animal products is deeply ingrained in our society. Most consumers are unaware of the suffering inherent in the production of meat, eggs, dairy, clothing, and other consumer goods. That is why we are advocating for farmed animals every day.

At Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary, we are opposed to the concept of “speciesism,” the assumption that humans are superior to all other beings and that we are the only species deserving of rights. Because of this egocentric worldview, billions of animals suffer, with few protections regulating their raising and slaughter.

Animals are brutally exploited for food, clothing, entertainment, and research. Because of speciesism, they are treated as mere objects — a means to a profit — rather than sentient and complex beings with the capacity to love and learn, to feel pain and fear.

The vast majority of people do not have the opportunity to directly interact with farmed animals, to see them as an individual with a name and not a number. Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary aims to show that all animals deserve kindness, respect, and care. Our resident animals are affectionate, loving, and often silly. When you visit, you will get to know their personalities and make new friends. It is therapeutic and joyful.

Mom and child on tour


This is all because of you. At Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary, we could not rescue, educate and advocate without your help. It is your generous support that makes our daily life-saving work possible. Thank you for helping us grow to what we are today. We know we can count on you as we continue to save more animals and bring about a kinder world.

Thank you, from all of us at Rosie’s, for helping us do what we do.