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We Were Founded With A Simple Goal

Make the world a better place. We do that by caring for rescued farmed animals and providing an idyllic sanctuary for children and families to visit and enjoy the animals and cultivated lavender and seasonal vegetables. We offer educational tours, volunteer and internship opportunities.

At Rosie's Farm Sanctuary, we understand everyone is on a different path. Our hope is foster a new awareness of the food industry and understanding about farmed animals while teaching about the benefits of plant-based eating and compassion towards all living beings

By advocating for animal rights and building community, we reconnect people with all the beauty that nature and animals have to offer. We aim to eliminate cruelty to animals and spread compassion into the hearts of all beings.


News From The Farm

Meet Marty!
Marty is the newest member of the Rosie’s family. He is a potbelly piglet who...
Welcome Kaporos Hens!
Our Cornish Cross girls were liberated from a live wet market in Brooklyn, NY during...
Welcome “Beach Bums”
We are thrilled to introduce our recently rescued pigs from the Outer Banks in NC....

Our mission is to inspire compassion in the hearts of all people and be the voice for animals by rescuing and rehabilitating farmed animals, and providing educational programs and advocacy.

What We Do


We rescue and rehabilitate farmed animals, providing them with a forever home. Experiencing the relative freedom they have never known before, our residents get to live out the rest of their lives as the individuals they are meant to be in this world.

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Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary welcomes visitors to spend time on the farm, self-selecting seasonal crops to buy and meeting the animals as well as their caregivers.

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We aim to be a compassionate voice for animals who often go unseen and unheard. Most of us would never wish an animal harm, but the consumption of animal products is deeply ingrained in our society.

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Become a Volunteer & Save More Animals

Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary welcomes volunteers to help care for our animals and their home. Volunteer at the Sanctuary on a regular basis and get to know our animal residents while assisting staff with cleaning, feeding, socializing, and enrichment.

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Ringo says: If I fits, I sits! 🤣🤣

We often make the connection with our tour guests of how much like dogs our goats are—they come when called and happily wag their tails as we pet them. But perhaps we should also highlight this kitty quality as well!! 🐐🦮🐈

#everyoneissomeone #goat #friendsnotfood #eatplants #govegan #vegan #endspeciesism #plantbaseddiet
Another fantastic day at the @ava.summit! We can’t wait to welcome AVA participants to Rosie’s at our sanctuary tours tomorrow!

#everyoneissomeone #vegan #animals #advocacy #rescue #educate #community #sanctuary #govegan #bevegan
Our beautiful, adorable fluffy clouds at the end of the rainbow!! 🐑🌈🐑

Thank you, Susan, for capturing these magical sanctuary moments!

#everyoneissomeone #rainbow #clouds #sheep #lambs #farmsanctuary #animalrescue #rescue #vegan



Every year, around 80 billion land animals are slaughtered for human consumption by many estimates. When it comes to fish and other aquatic animals, this heartbreaking figure soars into the trillions.

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The farming of animals poses alarming dangers to human health, especially as the animal agriculture industry continues to intensify around the world.

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Animal agriculture’s devastating impacts on climate change and our environment have been well-documented by scientists around the world.

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Social Justice

Tens of billions of farmed animals suffer and die each year so that lucrative animal agriculture corporations can continue to profit from global demand for their unsustainable products.

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How You Can Help

There are so many reasons to transition to veganism. Some choose plant-based diets because they want to help save animals, others do it to protect our planet or to avoid the health risks associated with consuming animal products.

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

- Mahatma Gandhi

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