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We Were Founded With A Simple Goal

Make the world a better place. We do that by caring for rescued farmed animals and providing an idyllic sanctuary for children and families to visit and enjoy the animals and cultivated lavender and seasonal vegetables. We offer educational tours, volunteer and internship opportunities.

At Rosie's Farm Sanctuary, we understand everyone is on a different path. Our hope is foster a new awareness of the food industry and understanding about farmed animals while teaching about the benefits of plant-based eating and compassion towards all living beings

By advocating for animal rights and building community, we reconnect people with all the beauty that nature and animals have to offer. We aim to eliminate cruelty to animals and spread compassion into the hearts of all beings.


News From The Farm

Meet Marty!
Marty is the newest member of the Rosie’s family. He is a potbelly piglet who...
Welcome Kaporos Hens!
Our Cornish Cross girls were liberated from a live wet market in Brooklyn, NY during...
Welcome “Beach Bums”
We are thrilled to introduce our recently rescued pigs from the Outer Banks in NC....

Our mission is to inspire compassion in the hearts of all people and be the voice for animals by rescuing and rehabilitating farmed animals, and providing educational programs and advocacy.

What We Do


We rescue and rehabilitate farmed animals, providing them with a forever home. Experiencing the relative freedom they have never known before, our residents get to live out the rest of their lives as the individuals they are meant to be in this world.

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Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary welcomes visitors to spend time on the farm, self-selecting seasonal crops to buy and meeting the animals as well as their caregivers.

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We aim to be a compassionate voice for animals who often go unseen and unheard. Most of us would never wish an animal harm, but the consumption of animal products is deeply ingrained in our society.

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Become a Volunteer & Save More Animals

Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary welcomes volunteers to help care for our animals and their home. Volunteer at the Sanctuary on a regular basis and get to know our animal residents while assisting staff with cleaning, feeding, socializing, and enrichment.

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🐄🍞 You have probably heard of the cat loaf, but have you witnessed the cow loaf?!?!

Mickey gets a 10/10 for cuteness and loaf formation! Come take a tour at Rosie’s and you may even see this phenomenon! 😍

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@waldman.michele + Lana = ❤️

Two beautiful mamas! 😍

#beautiful #vegan #animallovers #goats #cutegoats #vegan #veganfortheanimals #socute
There was a very important meeting in the lower pasture this morning. While Lucille has yet to provide us the minutes, our guess is that the pigs and cows are collectively trying to figure out how to get more watermelon! 🤣🍉

What do you think they were discussing?!

#vegan #animals #animalovers #socute #pigs #cows #farmsanctuary #donteatanimals #veganlife
Founder @waldman.michele loved getting to hang with @genebaur and the amazing team at the @farmsanctuary booth at the @deadandcompany show in Vegas! 

#music #deadhead #gratefuldead #lasvegas #loveanimalsdonteatthem #vegan #veganfortheanimals
We loved having the amazing team from @charity_connect spend the day helping us around Rosie’s, and so did all the animals! Forever grateful for our community of volunteers who donate their time and hard work doing everything from chicken manicures to treat dispensing…and all the poop pick up in between! 💜

#volunteers #volunteering #grateful #community #support #animalrescue #farmsanctuary #cuteanimals #kindness
Never a dull moment with Mickey. 
Check out his tongue in the 3rd photo! 😂 He is just a giant puppy. 

#puppylove #cowlove #cowsofinstagram #plantbased #plantmilk
You are our ⭐️ star 🌟 and we absolutely adore you!

#goatsofinstagram  #goatsarefamily  #sanctuarylife #animalovers #animalwelfare #compassion
It’s been about a month since our sweet Eleanor had surgery to remove her mammary tumors and judging by the smile on her face in her selfies with @waldman.michele, she’s feeling healthy and happy! 📸💜

#selfie #goat #smile #vegan #veganfortheanimals #farmsanctuary #cuteanimals #ditchdairy #dairyisscary
It is with great sadness to share that we lost a very special friend to Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary this week, Debbie Madison Kramer.

Debbie was devoted to animals and was vegan long before people even knew what it meant.  She loved to visit the sanctuary residents and would babysit our animals in quarantine. She was the best kind of human and she will be dearly missed. 

We wish her daughters, Carrie Kramer Frey and Jane Kramer, and all of her grandchildren much love from Rosie’s family. 💕
Coco Chanel has always been the absolute best at soaking in style to beat the heat!! 

We’re doing everything we can to keep our animals comfortable and safe in this heat. We are thinking about all the critters and people affected by this heatwave and sending some cooling comfort 🩵

#pig #cuteanimals #piggy #someonenotsomething #staycool #heatwave #cutepig #adorable #cocochanel
We are keeping our sweet girls and all our animals as cool as possible during this heatwave! We have ample buckets of ice water and our “AC bucket” with frozen jugs to cool their feet. 

We are thinking of our many sanctuary friends across the country who are enduring extreme heat and sending our love and support. 💜

#heatwave #animalrescue #compassion #animalcare #farmsanctuary #hens #hensofinstagram #chickens #chickensofinstagram
Today we celebrate all the fathers and father figures in our lives and across the species—thank you for your love and guidance, your wisdom and care, your patience and support. 

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Rosie’s! 👔💜

#happyfathersday #dad #love #dadsday #loveanimals #vegan #sanctuary
Our amazing friend @johnoberg came to visit and everyone was thrilled to see him, especially Sunshine! Check out what a difference 11 months makes…can you even believe it?!? 

#vegan #pig #pigs #veganfortheanimals #loveanimalsdonteatthem
We have a celebratory start to the weekend with the news that Eleanor’s surgery was curative and she does not have cancer!!!!!! 💜🙌🏼

From being exploited in the dairy industry—repeatedly pregnant and then lactating—she had mammary hyperplasia with chronic lymphoplasmacytic mastitis. Poor, sweet girl for enduring it, but she is a lucky, happy girl now living her best life.

So please celebrate with us—dairy free, of course—and know that we continue to be so grateful for your support for our animals and mission! We can’t wait to share videos as Eleanor is reunited with Sadie and the rest of the gang once her stall rest ends.

#happynews #goodnews #cancerfree #ditchdairy #animalrescue
🌟💞 Kind kids rock!!! 💞🌟 It’s a joy and an honor to teach children about compassion, and when their kindness circles back around to us we’re that much more grateful!!

From the amazing artwork of our animal residents by our Wayside Elementary Brownie Troop friends, to an unbelievably generous donation collected by a young friend who organized a bike ride, to the most happy thank you card from our adorable Beth El preschool friends, we are just reveling in beautiful gestures of kindness!!

The staff, volunteers, and animals at Rosie’s are so grateful. Keep making this world a better place! ✨🫶🏼💜

#kindness #kindnessmatters #bethechange #kids #gratitude #helpinganimals #animalrescue #farmsanctuary
Let’s give 3 cheers for these 3 amazing, kind 2nd graders (and another for the amazing, kind mama who coordinated it all)!!! 💞💞💞💞

When their school was taking a field trip to the zoo, these young activists did not want to go and instead went to their administration and requested to be allowed to go to a sanctuary as a more compassionate alternative! Instead of seeing animals in captivity, they got the opportunity to spend time with rescued animals in their home—mutual enjoyment.

We at Rosie’s were thrilled to support this incredible act of compassion and we are so awed by and grateful for our community. 🫶🏼

#compassionforanimals #compassion #kindness #bekind #nextgeneration #bethechange #bethelight #animals
Swipe to find out Moose’s response to “who’s a good boy?!?!” Hint: HE IS! 😍🥰😍

Moose and his brother, Mickey, are ambassadors here at Rosie’s to help people understand how inextricably linked the dairy and meat industries are, and the amount of cruelty involved. Farm Manager @jasonbolalek has so much information and education on what he experienced rescuing calves and cows from dairies in Vermont, and we have great resources on our web site devoted to dairy alternatives—there are tons on the shelves of every kind of grocery store now!

If you need any help making more compassionate choices, we’re here to help. And so is Moose! 🐂💜

#cow #cutecow #cutecowsofinstagram #dairyfree #plantbased #cuteanimals #goodboy
Our celebrity jumper pigs, Dani and Sunshine, will be on NBC4 Washington news tonight at 4:45 and 5:45.

#sanctuarylife #pigsofinstagram #animals
Even though the very reason why sanctuaries must exist is a sad one, tours here at Rosie’s are part education and part joy. Connecting with these beautiful animals we as a society have been taught to disassociate from, seeing them as the sweet individuals they are—it’s happy and fun and magical.

Not bacon—Lucille, Bear, and Coco!

If you are in the DC area, we’d love to have you visit. We have a regular schedule of community and private tours and we plan on doing some more special happy hour tours on summer evenings! Check out our web site and book today 💜

#everyoneissomeone #animalrescue #farmsanctuary #friendsnotfood #compassion



Every year, around 80 billion land animals are slaughtered for human consumption by many estimates. When it comes to fish and other aquatic animals, this heartbreaking figure soars into the trillions.

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The farming of animals poses alarming dangers to human health, especially as the animal agriculture industry continues to intensify around the world.

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Animal agriculture’s devastating impacts on climate change and our environment have been well-documented by scientists around the world.

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Social Justice

Tens of billions of farmed animals suffer and die each year so that lucrative animal agriculture corporations can continue to profit from global demand for their unsustainable products.

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How You Can Help

There are so many reasons to transition to veganism. Some choose plant-based diets because they want to help save animals, others do it to protect our planet or to avoid the health risks associated with consuming animal products.

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

- Mahatma Gandhi

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