Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary is a non-profit farm animal sanctuary in Potomac, Maryland. Our mission is to give rescued farmed animals the forever home they deserve. We also help animals who don’t live with us through advocacy and teaching the public about compassionate lifestyles.

We were founded in 2022 with a simple goal: Make the world a better place. We do that by caring for rescued farm animals and providing an idyllic sanctuary for children and families to visit and enjoy fields of cultivated lavender and seasonal vegetables. We also offer educational tours, volunteer and internship opportunities.

rescued sheep

At Rosie's Farm Sanctuary, we understand that everyone is on a different path. Our hope is foster a new awareness of the food industry and understanding about farmed animals, while teaching about the benefits of plant-based eating and compassion towards all living beings.

By advocating for animal rights, building community, cultivating lavender and seasonal vegetables, we hope to reconnect people with all the beauty that nature and animals have to offer. We aim to eliminate cruelty to animals and spread compassion into the hearts of all beings.

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