Welcome “Beach Bums”

Beach bums at rosies

We are thrilled to introduce our recently rescued pigs from the Outer Banks in NC. These babies had been running wild, living on trash and handouts from people. They needed medical care, a safe home, and to be spayed and neutered as soon as possible (otherwise, there would be 12-20 piglets running around by the end of the year). They would all probably be hunted. We had been told there were 4 pigs, but sadly animal control was only able to capture 3 of them. We have not yet been able to get the other boy yet. 😢 We will continue to work diligently to rescue him. We worry that he is all alone and missing his family. We have named these beauties: Bear, Coco Chanel, and Lucille. If we are able to rescue to 4th pig, he will be named Ricky (Lucille and Ricky are a pair).