Bruce is a character.  He wants to be in large and in charge of all the goats and sheep, but they don’t see him as their leader.  Poor Bruce.  He is growing into his large horns and can regularly be seen practicing fighting with Ringo, another one of our male goats.  Bruce pretends that he is tough guy, but he actually a little sweetheart. He loves to be combed and rubbed and given attention.  He is often confused. He begs for food, but is a picky eater and refuses most snacks.  We love our complicated little man.

Bruce, and his sister Bella, are our first residents to be born at Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary. We didn’t know Lana, their mother, was pregnant. We had rescued Lana, 4 months and 3 weeks prior to their birth. Gestation for a goat pregnancy is 5 months.  We had been told she either couldn’t get pregnant or couldn’t lactate, which is why the dairy was willing to give her up. Lana was very thin when we first got her.  We were aware that she was gaining weight, but thought it was because she was grazing freely and had access to more nutrition. Lo and behold, on August 8 2022, Lana disappeared into the woods. When we went searching for her, we found her tending to her brand new babies.  Lana was not able to nurse Bruce and Bella. We bottle fed them with goat’s milk bought from the store.

Both these babies will only ever know life in a sanctuary.  Such lucky goats.





La Mancha

Birth Place

Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary, Potomac, MD




Male goats are called buck or billy, and the female goat is called a nanny or doe.

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